Grounded Aerial
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Learn The Art Of Bungee

The bungee experience reminds us that forces, which at first appear to hold us back, can be used creatively to help propel us forward and beyond our natural limitations.

Grounded Aerial® is unique and much more than just a workout. We are a mindset. Our comprehensive teacher training program condenses our 20+ years of experience into one informative and fun weekend. We explore the joy of bungee, teach all safety protocols, promote rapid skill acquisition, and instruct how to teach bungee succinctly and with ease.


Level 1 begins the flight. Whether you want to teach bungee at your studio, touch up your teaching tools, learn new terms, develop a new skill, or maybe you just want to feel free and let go.  This is for everyone.

Level 2 continues the journey. After applying what you learned with level 1 training, we dive into more challenging terms and focus on pedagogical principles, artistic expression, holistic connections, and life applications. Most folks take Level 2 after six to twelve months of practicing and applying Level 1 terminology. Dig deeper to fly higher.  

Level 3 masters the navigation. You are strong and knowledgeable, you have a full understanding of your movement vocabulary, and with our personal mentorship, you will create your own style, artistry, and codification.  At this level, with Wren’s approval, you work closely with us to potentially certify others in Grounded Aerial® Bungee.

Our unique front-point and back-point workout address your entire core, giving you killer abs and a different bungee experience. 

We are teachers, and pedagogy is important to us. We are artists, so there is always fresh movement. We are global leaders in aerial for the last 20 years. 

We think holistically and move organically.

We also can provide specialized Grounded Aerial® harnesses, bungee rigs, and all equipment to make it easy for you to set up and fly.

Certification includes

  • Holistic training approach. Mind, Body, and Spirit
  • Over 40 phrases (terms) and ways to move
  • Bungee, harness, and rigging safety and instruction
  • Working relationship & discounts with our bungee manufacturers
  • Class themes, phrasings and constant updates
  • Front-point and back-point full “corset-like” workout
  • Details on each term and their specific physical benefit
  • Adaptive exercise modifications
  • Promotional assistance through Grounded Aerial®’s website
  • Corrective techniques for hands-on adjustments
  • Class structure and formatting
  • Insights into the “business of aerial”  
  • Life applications to releasing control, listening, and following the flow
  • Lessons plans examples
  • Honed pedagogy of creative and fitness development
  • Lessons plans for beginning, intermediate, and advanced aerialists
  • Pedagogy of creative and fitness development that has been honed over the last 20 years
  • Continued support

cost: $1,000

Per Certification/Level


Grounded Aerial® takes our pioneering and innovative system very seriously (and with great joy!) as we realize that we are setting the bar for all to follow.

The founder Karen, continues to perform and choreograph around the world. She has earned her Masters Degree in Dance Education from NYU and has taught at numerous universities as well.

Karen distills and simplifies her choreography for any level mover (seniors, kids, to personal trainers) which allows continuous feed for fresh movement in all classes. Diving deep into the exploration of flight can reveal and free many emotions.

This weekend is not only for learning bungee, but it is for expanding your consciouness and personal mindfulness. We believe that if you are growing, you are a better teacher that promotes growth as well.

Our legitimacy is of great importance, and we certainly have the history, creative and pragmatic focus, spotless safety record, and testimonies to illustrate just that! We would love to talk to you more on the phone to answer any questions.

Level Descriptions

All levels must be taken in order. 

Level 1 begins the flight.

For the people that dare to fly…This course provides you with all the necessary preliminary information and training to begin your bungee journey! You will know how to rig safely, learn (over 40 different) beginner terms. We begin to touch on Grounded Aerial’s holistic benefits via self-analysis, life-applications, and teaching pedagogy. We review all rigging safety and clear concise ways to fly, soar, and use the ground for support. Level 1 will free you from gravity, which allows for exploration of rebound and levity.
This course provides you with all the necessary preliminary information and training to begin your journey of bungee flight. You will know how rig safely, learn beginner terms, and dive deeply in self analysis, and teaching pedagogy.

Main focus:

1. Step by step breakdown on how to execute each beginner term with level modifications

2. Introduction to the freeing and empoweriing Grounded Aerial® mindset 

3. Safety procedures and protocol

4. Underdstanding class order and flow

5. Development of teaching strategies and lesson plans

Level 2 continues the investigation.


With more challenging terms, focus on pedagogical principles, artistic expression, and connections and choreography. We dive deeply into the application and the pedagogy of how to teach the beginner and intermediate curricula. Level 2 includes investigating lesson plans and reviewing what is successful, and what to steer clear of…the application and mastering of the mind/body/spirit…advancing to the next step of comprehension in physical and artistic prowess of bungee. This will further you as a business-minded person, teacher, and bungee artist.

Main focus:

1. More advanced terms ( 15+) while executing prowess and ownership

2. How to consistently inspire with life applications. Diving into the mind, body, spirit

3. Focusing on transitions and how to connect the movement authentically

4. Investigating and developing personalized new moves individually–understanding and teaching the details

5. Detailed lesson plans and review (the teaching of bungee)

6. Review of all terms previously learned and full mastery of them


Level 3 is to become the master.


You are strong and flexible, and have comprehensive understanding and physical prowess of all (Levels 1, 2, and 3) terminology. Through our personal and detailed mentorship, you will create your own movements, style and codification. Karen will work with you indivually and clearly to unlock your power through movement, expression, and fearlessness.

You’ll find your personal “voice” as you move and maintain “aggressive trust” as you bypass judgment, and commit to your full intention with mind, body, and soul. Master Trainers are the unicorns of bungee. They are the few and elite.

You are fit, you have a full understanding of your movement vocabulary, and you are ready to create on your own movements, style and codification.  

Main focus:

1. Developing mastery of mind/body/spirit via movement

2. Finding your personal aerial “voice”

3. Creating your individulaized  movements and sequences

4. Structuring and offerring additional aerial workshops (like double point bungee classes, and wall running)

5. Offering Grounded Aerial® teacher training sessions at your studio

Do you want to get a taste of training? Sign-Up to hear about upcoming trainings, and well send you a free lesson plan! 

Grounded Aerial® Teacher Locations

“Super crazy amazing! Energy was off the chart and I love the idea of every aspect of this new fitness genre!!! CANT WAIT TO TEACH IT!!.”

-Teacher Trainee

“GABT certification was a pleasure! I was able to see how fluid a training could be. It isn’t just a workout- its a way of life. As a movement therapist, I’m able to connect the philosophies of GABT and utilize it in a therapeutic approach. It was also well taught as I didn’t feel overwhelmed stepping into a new field. I feel very confident to utilize this certification in my career.”

– Teacher Trainee

“Karen’s passion for bungee training is infectious! Such a cool and fun experience! The training is so informative and she really devotes herself to helping you learn every aspect of the course! “

– Teacher Trainee

Truly one of the most inspiring movement experiences I have ever had. It was not restricted to flight- lots of improv and micro to macro explorations of our bodies in space. Karen is one of those teachers that comes along once in a lifetime, opening up her students’ eyes to possibilities we could not see without her, and bringing total joy and a sense of free play into the room.

-Charise Greene, Professor of Acting at Bernard and Columbia University

I am wanted to reach out and let you know just how fantastic the Grounded Aerial training was. I loved it and felt like I came away with a great understanding of how to create a fun, safe, methodical class. Thank you for this opportunity; I greatly appreciate you sharing your vast knowledge.



How much is each training?
How do I sign up ?
Go to our calendar page and find the training that you would liket to attend.
Do you offer payment plans?
Who is the training for?
Gym owners, aerial yogis, pole peeps, fitness buffs, movers, and all that just want to try something new to enhance yourself– bungee will enhance your life.
Can beginners take this training?
YES! Our trainings are great for advanced and beginner students.
Do I need to be fit for the teacher training?
In short, no! Come as you are! Level 1 is for anyone! Level 2 and 3 does require more fitness capability, but that is once you know our material.
What should I bring to the training?Lunch, padded biking shorts are suggested, since we are in the harness a lot! A computer, water, and maybe a notepad, if you want to write your notes!
Is it hard?
Each GABT is different, based on who is there. Whatever your background is, it is our full responsibility to teach at your level and to meet you where you are with a discerning eye that assists toward particular goals. As teachers, we give constructive criticism in a supportive environment.
Do I need to pay the licencing fee?
If you are teaching, yes.  We share full online classes, new terms,  international support from Grounded Aerial® certified colleagues, lesson plans, life applications, trouble shooting, and more on our app, GABT Live. Read more about our GABT Live here.


We deliver suspened belief and playful joy