Who We Are

Grounded Aerial is a company that encourages people to play, think, and grow through movement, flight, performance, events, and training

Where The fantastical is a reality

Our story

Karen (Wren), our founder, always had dreams of flying —where she could soar and leap without boundaries. She explored that with performances in De La Guarda, Cavalia, Pilobolus, Momix, and other troupes. Then, it was time to investigate her voice. She set off on a rock-climbing trip, which quickly became her stage for exploring aerial dance. She developed her choreography and concepts among the sky on the side of a cliff in Yosemite National Park.

Continuing her love for dance and aerial in California, she brought it back to the East Coast and then offered it to the world.

After performances, audience members often say, “That looks so beautiful! I want to do it!” So that was the inception of the classes that make it accessible to all types and levels. (We all can fly!)

The classes grew into an explicit codification that organically evolved to form a curriculum. Enter Jason! He designed and refined the curriculum, which became the foundation of the manual for bungee certifications around the world.

Play. Investigation. Authenticity; are our driving forces.

We invite you to join us on our journey. It takes bravery to leave a place of comfort and stability. We hope our classes, shows, and training inspire you to take flight in mind, body, and spirit.

This practice helps to remind us, via movement, that we are magical