Host A Training

Earn Money For Your Studio 
Offer A New And Exciting Form Of Movement 

Offer a new and exciting style of fitness to your studio

We bring the gear, have the insurance, and offer classes, workshops and teacher trainings. We come to you, and give our undivided attention. Then we split the proceeds with you. We have over 175 certified GA®BT trainers. We can work with your studio at any level you need!

Package Descriptions

Bronze Package

A Zero Investment Opportunity

We come, we teach, you profit.We provide marketing assistance to help pre-register your clients and attract new customers. 30% of all profits.

Silver Package

Grounded Aerial Certification + Licensing

All of the benefits of Bronze plus hosting Grounded Aerial® Bungee Teacher Training.Learn how to effectively teach our brand of bungee at your studio while also receiving a percentage of the training fees. Earn up to 50% of training fees (after the first 3 trainees).

Gold Package 

Grounded Aerial® Certification + All Gear

Best bang for your buck! All of Bronze + Silver, plus bungee equipment delivered and installed at your studio. Begin teaching your own Grounded Aerial bungee classes immediately.

Platinum Package

Select Studios Only

Grounded Aerial® purchases all rigs, gear, and necessary hardware for you. We also handle the class management, and payment processing. along with customized advertising with your logo and studio information. By splitting class proceeds 60/40 we are happy to help enable an exciting and accessible launch of Grounded Aerial® bungee classes at your studio.

We provide a detailed spreadsheet showing earning potentials,
based on class size and number of classes offered.

“It’s been the best decision for my studio. I now deliver 12 bungee classes a week, and they are all full, with demand for more! Over the past 10 years, I have seen a lot of crazes come and go, and I can see clearly that Grounded Aerial is here for the long haul. All ages and abilities attending classes makes it a fantastic community, which also has improved my revenue.”

-Studio Owner, Wales

“Hosting GA®BT teacher training was fantastic. They covered safety, movement phrases, and teaching components impeccably. Wren’s bubbly delivery style and obvious passion for her work is nothing short of infectious, and Jason’s analytical, detail-oriented approach to the safety, rigging and equipment of the program leaves only the fullest confidence of the program.”

– STUDIO OWNER, Australia

“Grounded Aerial Bungee has been amazing for the growth of our business. We have adults fitness- which is perfect for a low impact unique workout. We are also now a huge attraction for kids too. Birthday parties are so popular- we are getting fully booked out every weekend- a great income boost for any business! The most rewarding part is seeing the kids faces and hearing them say “This is the best party I’ve ever been to!””


Get Certified

Get Certified

You receive all the benefits from getting certified, and Grounded Aerial® will give our undivided attention to only you. We have traveled to many cities through the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia to certify studios at their location. When we come to your town, we guide you through our certification like usual, but we get there a couple days early and jump-start your program with exciting press launches, community outreach classes, and provide other fun classes for your clientele (like double-point bungee class, and dance bungee, or ninja). Free press is GOOD. This is also a great opportunity for future Grounded Aerial® Teachers to watch classes in process while learning from the creators. We also waive our rigging consultation fees.


We have a serendipitous working relationship with our Grounded Aerial® Hosts. We help each other. What this means in practical terms is; we start a relationship with you before we even get there with checklists, studio dimensions consultationS, press kit announcements and plan for a fantastic launch! Afterwards, we stay in touch since we have formed such a supportive and successful community. Every studio that has hosted us for a GABT has been wildly successful.

Join Our COmmunity

Thriving Together

Our 20 years of SEO alone gives you immediate and undeniable Internet spotlight. Not to mention we have over 170 people certified in over 15 countries now! Using the name Grounded Aerial® truely means that you are apart of an incredibly elite group of powerful people that support each other, and thrive together.

HOsting A
Training Benefits

  • Holistic training approach. Mind, Body, and Spirit 
  • Bungee safety and rigging instruction
  • Working relationship & discounts with our bungee manufacturers 
  • Class themes, phrasings and constant updates
  • Our Grounded Aerial® uniquely created front AND back point repertoire (full “corset-like” workout)
  • Information and details on posture benefits 

  • Adaptive exercise modifications 

  • Class structure and formatting

  • An immediate profit gain for providing a cutting-edge fitness regimen for your clients, without lifting a finger! (studios make about $300 a month with one to two bungee classes a week)

  • Insights into the “business of aerial work”
  • Life applications to releasing control, listening, and following the flow. 
  • Lessons plans for beginning, intermediate, and advanced aerialists
  • Pedagogy of creative and fitness development that has been honed over the last 20 years
  • Promotional support through Grounded Aerial®
  • Continued support and assistance
  • New customers

  • A wider demographic (from kids, moms, seniors, work-out gurus, special-needs, girls night out, team building workshops….all types love to fly)


How much is each training? 
How much do I make as a studio?
It depends on how many people sign up for the training, and what package you choose!
Do you offer payment plans for people that want to sign up?
Who is the training for?
Gym owners, aerial yogis, pole peeps, fitness buffs, movers, and all that just want to try something new to enhance yourself– bungee will enhance your life.
What should I do about our studio lighting?
Wires should be out of the way. We will do what it takes to rig the system away from any obstacle.
Are my ceilings high enough?
Studio ceiling height must be 10 feet or more.
Do I need to change my studio schedule?Add Grounded Aerial® to a spot in your schedule where it makes sense and you see fit.
Where will I put the equipment?
We tuck the equipment out of the way, so your space remains clear of clutter. If you already have aerial yoga, we’re all set up to just to clip in! Depending on your space, we can also rig the points with a pulley system high above in the rafters, or we remove the rig entirely and only keep a spanset or beam clamp up for the next class. Each space is different. We have traveled to 16 different countries in various spaces around the world. We guarantee a safe, efficient, clutter free system.
Do I need to pay the licencing fee?
We strongly recommend that you do. We offer online classes, a constantly updated manual, international support from Grounded Aerial® certified colleagues, SEO support via our website, and more- but, if you opt to not join us, we won’t make you!
How many points do I need to host a training? 6 points is the minimum for each class.
What is the recommended studio size? All you need is 600 Square feet or larger!
Tell me more about the Platinum program Zero down on the gear, and it is lease to own. Lease fees are automatically deducted from class revenue each month. Example: $500 monthly revenue from classes would net your studio $200 and credit $300 toward equipment balance. Once the equipment balance reaches zero, we adjust the profit split more in your favor.
Grounded Aerial helps to remind us, via movement, that we are magical.