A play, a dance concert, an immersive aerial experience


San Francisco, New York City, and Philadelphia


This evening-length play utilizes bungee cords, zip lines, silks, and fully customized aerial apparatuses to explore characters of dark and light worlds. Insectinside dissects basic human decency, herd mentality, and hope.


Insectinside breaks wide-open current topics such as social conditioning, injustice, empathy, and aggression and weaves them into a visceral love-story. The audience is catapulted into a whirlwind fantasyland of wasps, fireflies, a towering praying mantis, and more.

“An inventive, thought-provoking spectacle… nothing short of mesmerizing.”
-Eric Eliacin, Performance Art Critic –

We peek inside the warped mind of Recluse, our main character, and watch his inner world unfold.  His solace is his imagination, and he morphs others into his twisted reality. He sees Luna, a dancer that rehearses in a nearby theater, as an effervescent Moth, and she barely notices him. Visions of grandeur allow him to hide in solace, where his Ant-army blindly follow and violently convert others, even the gracious and peaceful crickets.

Insectinside pushes the boundaries of conventional theater and blurs the line between performer and audience, as the performers are within the audience and literally all around you. (including above!) Interacting with you as another audience member, or maybe the usher…there are new surprises at every turn. The investigation and dissecting of these two realities drive the audience to consider— What exactly is real, and how am I contributing?


12 actors/dancers/aerialists, veterans of shows such as:

Tarzan, Met Opera, Cirque Du Soleil, Stomp, Momix, Pilobolus, Cavalia, and De La Guarda


John Medeski of famed jazz-fusion band Medeski, Martin, and Wood and soundtrack by John E. Oyzon

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