Grounded Aerial® inspires people to play, think, and grow through bungee classes, trainings, events and shows.

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Corporate & Theatrical

Teacher Training

Instructor trainings offered world-wide


All ages and abilities


Team Building

Two decades
of pedagogy performance
and training

We have toured the US and 90 countries throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Australia, and Africa. We have produced and performed shows in iconic venues such as the Guggenheim, Lincoln Center, and various Broadway theaters.

Karen, a star in her own right (see bio), has her MA in Dance Education and has been a professor at numerous universities. 

We have certified over 145 people in Bungee Teacher Trainings, visiting host studios that now teach Grounded Aerial® Bungee around the globe. Our focus on creativity, safety, and effective teaching strategies have made us respected pioneers in the bungee fitness industry.

Grounded Aerial is a company that does many things. Our expertise ranges from site-specific showcases in exotic palaces, to world-recognized branding launches on the side of skyscrapers, to fitness classes in local studios, and stage performances.

Grounded Aerial is A dance company that flies

We are on a mission to create, play, and learn while we soar with focus, and remain grounded.

Our classes and events joyfully mix fitness, personal growth, and aerial movement and our shows integrate dance, flight, theater, and spectacle.

We dream without constraints, we actualize the vision and take it to the next level.

Let’s fly.

“When you tell Karen you would like to suspend aerialists over water, or off the side of a high rise…she takes it further by telling you (not “NO WAY” ) but instead, exactly how she plans to do that for you and add even more wow to it.”

-Lumincity Entertainment Division (L.E.D.)

“My friends and I had an absolute blast! We all did our first class at the Performance Garage. My abs hurt so bad the next day from working out and laughing the entire time! Added bonus, Karen is SO much fun and so talented. She really made it such a fun experience.“

– bungee class student

“Karen’s passion for bungee training is infectious! Such a cool and fun experience! The training is so informative and she really devotes herself to helping you learn every aspect of the course! “

– teacher training student

“Not only are they consummate professionals, but also visionaries who never question even my wildest ideations!”

– theatrical event client

Christmas is in the Air!

This performance was creative, fun, whimsical, and an adorable collaboration for kids and amazingly talented performers sharing their knowledge and skills with the little ones 🤩
The music and narration were super fun. The kids did aerial silks, bungee, gymnastics, lyra, danced, and played. It’s was pure magic 💫
Thank you, @groundedaerial


Grounded Aerial helps to remind us, via movement, that we are magical